For your own security you should buy a CERTIFIED walk-in bathtub. If you do not buy a certified walk-in bathtub, you expose yourself to several risks. If the tub isn’t certified, it hasn’t been tested by electrical or plumbing laboratories, for durability, strength testing, fire retardation or door seal efficacy, Your tub may run the risk of causing a fire of flooding your home. Glamour Baths cannot stress enough the importance of buying a CERTIFIED walk-in bathtub.

Glamour Baths allow users a level of freedom they might not experience otherwise. You can bathe on your own and it is this comfort and independence that we believe everyone is entitled to. Your privacy and dignity is of supreme importance. With Therapy Tubs’ walk-in bathtubs, users can bathe unassisted and at their convenience.

Unlike ordinary bathtubs, Glamour Baths removes the problem of stepping over a high rim. Our doors allow you to enter and exit the tub with ease. This provides for worry-free, safe bathing. We want you to relax and have peace of mind. You shouldn’t have to experience discomfort or risk to take a bath. That is why our easy-to-use door was invented. Simply walk in and sit down.

For those in need of therapeutic treatments, our walk-in tub provides the soothing waters necessary to increase blood circulation and mobility. We are committed to improving your quality of life and a first-rate bath is an easy way to revitalize the body. Therapy Tubs takes pride in our product because we believe it directly impacts and promotes health.
Glamour Baths relies on the finest materials in the business and is crafted in the United States of America. We are committed to quality and to producing a first-rate product.
Not only is our walk-in tub convenient and therapeutic, it looks fantastic. Our hardware and features create an elegant look in the bathroom. We believe that our product can serve a functional purpose as well as increase the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. With Glamour Baths, you’ll feel great and your bathroom will look great.

Glamour Baths uses a grab bar that is designed in full compliance with the American Disabilities Act. This bar enables the elderly or physically challenged bather to rise or sit in a bathtub. We are committed to your absolute security and comfort. Our 17 inch seat allows for a simple transition from standing to sitting while in the tub. All of our safety features are designed to make the bathing process easier on the body. › Our door handled is crafted to allow for easy closing and locking. Our door handles can be adjusted so that anyone can lock and close the door with ease. › Glamour Baths is committed to secure, safe bathing!

Absolutely. Our tubs are easily installed. Glamour Baths makes bathing easy, and the installation could not be simpler. › Our tubs are designed to be installed where your current tub exists. We have been in business for years and have an easy installation process that is accomplished quickly.

Although our tubs are designed with the best materials and the most premium features. They are priced much lower than other manufacturers. In fact, our tubs cost about the same as a whirlpool bath, and come with all the safety features included, making them extremely affordable. When you factor in our safety and therapeutic features, it’s a no-brainer. A Glamour Bath is a great bargain.